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Grounded Life’s mission is to empower more people to become participants in their material lives — as growers, gatherers, makers.


Not (just) because of eco-guilt, but because it’s nourishing, fun, and magical. It makes us feel fully alive. It makes us feel grounded.

I design edible landscapes and teach people how to source what they need from the landscapes they inhabit, in ways that’s regenerative for the land and for the people.

Hi, I’m Mari.

I’m an ecological landscape designer, regenerative agriculture advocate, teacher, and urban homesteader. Read more about me and my work here.


Fresh from the blog

Raising Nature-literate Kids

January 14, 2020

A is for acorn, B is for bluebell, C is for clover. My daughter is holding in her hands a “spellbook of lost words.” The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris captures this moment in time when we’re rapidly losing not only knowledge about the natural world, but… Read more

Winter Holidays: The Slow and Simple Edition

December 11, 2019

Welcome the winter holidays: a season of togetherness, festivity, and warmth — right in the middle of the gloomiest, darkest, coldest time of the year, when we most need a pause and a good dose of cheer. But too often the cultural and social expectations we layer onto this season… Read more

Climate-beneficial Wardrobe

November 27, 2019

Everyone is talking about the carbon footprint of food, and the search for the most “climate-friendly” diet sparks lively debates. But clothes, too, are something we choose and need daily. Clothing is an intimate matter. It touches our skin all day long, like only someone very dear to us gets… Read more

Energize Your Winter Days with Citrus

November 21, 2019

Food is medicine. Whether it’s winter blues or the common cold, you can find potent remedies among edible plants that really, really help. You don’t need an advanced degree in herbal medicine; some of the most powerful healing foods are available at the grocery stores and markets. And as the… Read more

Fall Garden Checklist

October 17, 2019

When the harvest season winds down and the abundance of the late summer and early fall has been brought in, it’s the time to put the garden to bed. Here’s how to prepare your garden for the winter and for optimal vigor in the spring. Harvest the last of… basil… Read more

Local Meal Ideas

September 23, 2019

“Eat Local” is a slogan many of us are ready to stand behind. Local food is cool on a hot planet: we know that freshly harvested food is more nutritious, eating local supports local farmers and growers, and there’s no fossil fuels wasted on insanely long shipping distances. Yet, in… Read more

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