Edible Landscape Design

If you’d like to grow more of your own food, but are not sure where to start…

If you’re happy to DIY, but would find it helpful to have a comprehensive design to work off of…

…I can work with you! I develop landscape designs at any scale, drawing on the principles of permaculture and regenerative design.

I’m a certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher and a certified Ecological Landscaper, with several years of design and landscaping experience.

What’s ecological landscape design?

An ecological landscape design is not just about making your yard pretty. It takes a holistic view of the site and looks at how everything — the sunlight, the soil, the water, the plant and human life — work together and then seeks to maximize the beneficial, mutually supportive relationships. Among some of the benefits of an ecological landscape design are:

• Improved water management: managing both excess rain and drought
• Building healthy soil and increase soil fertility
• Balancing natural systems
• Attracting and feeding pollinators and other beneficial insects
• Producing more food close to where you live
• Reducing your energy usage
• Sequestering more carbon in your soil
• Creating a beautiful landscape that reflects who you are and allows you to connect more deeply with where you live